Lifelong Struggles of Great People

“Life is temporary, but the struggle is permanent”. The struggle is defined as a continuous process of growth and experience in future curiosity, where the end result is not necessarily be in your favor. May be a person who has struggled throughout his life may die a miserable death because eventually happy endings are only in movies. Struggle makes you strong and keeps you running through the phases (Present, past, future) of life. What are real struggles? Are they different from normal people? What makes them different from others? Indeed, they are different. Soldiers fighting at the borders are real Heros. They all have 3 things in common, i.e. Unity, Faith and discipline. These three attributes become part of their nature. People get impressed by their uniform, protocol, grace, etc., but I think the most impressive thing in their nature is that equal level of respect they show for each other. From a soldier to a general of Army staff, each one shows an equal level of respect for all. They all spend their lives serving the nation. In the battlefield, each one of them tries hard to be among those who experience martyrdom. During trainings, they don’t meet their families for months. They are not allowed to attend family events. They are always ready to fight against the enemies of their country. They all are strongly connected to gather by one major purpose of life, i.e. to serve the country.

All cancer patients around the globe are real fighters. They die every day before the death arrives. Their whole life revolves around a fear of losing this world. Their eyes wait to see the angel of death. Their hopes, dreams, expectations, love, and hate; all their emotions and thoughts disappear at once. You watch the dying; you let them die because death is stronger than us. It waits for no one.

All orphans around the globe are real fighters. It is very difficult to face the bloody challenges of life without the support of your parents. Kids who lose their parents at a very young age are not mentally strong. Their whole concept of home gets shattered at a very young age. When they grow up, they seem like broken souls mimicking adult’s life. They struggle throughout their life knowing the fact that they have got no one’s back.

Impossible Dreams Do Come True

While some of us still believe that impossible dreams do come true, countless others gave up this right. Over the years, various people tell us to be realistic. Even society says that we all have limits and reaching beyond these limitations is not possible. But I am firmly against that popular belief.

So, how can you overcome your limits? What is being realistic anyway? Can dreams become real?

The thing you must understand is that virtually everything and anything is possible for you to create. If you believe and take the time required to form the necessary skills, whatever you want, do come true. However, you must also collect the essential resources to bring you there.

But the most important elements for impossible dreams to come into existence are the belief in yourself and your abilities to learn. Your beliefs determine your actions which in turn determine your results. So, if you do not believe you can succeed, then you will not reach your visions. Quite simple!

Realistic and Unrealistic
And when people tell you to be realistic, ignore them. In this world, all progress depends on those being unrealistic. The only reference people with limits have is some event or person that achieved something in the past. Those limitations were impossible dreams years before, yet someone realized them.

However, could you imagine what would happen if everyone only tries to achieve what others have already accomplished? I believe the human race would still be at the Stone Age.

So, it is a fact that you and I, all of us are born to brilliance and that success is achievable by anyone. If you read their biographies, most successful people or greatest performers are self-made and not born with a gift. Therefore, the only problem for most people is that, for some reason, they do not believe in themselves enough or for their dreams to come true.

Impossible Dreams Are Possible
If history teaches us anything, it is that when people assumed things are not achievable, some others preserve the impossible dreams alive. Those are the ones who still dreamed, making things possible so that it may come true over time. These pioneers did not listen to anyone who told them to be realistic. If they did, the world today would still be living in caves.

So, regardless of whether society considers it unrealistic, it is the pioneers, the misfits, and the mavericks who make it happen. They are the ones who follow their heart, stand up for an idea and go after it. It is these brave men and women who persistently push the limits of what the world believes possible. As a result, they are the people who end up remembered in history.

“Dream the impossible because dreams do come true.” – Elijah Wood

All Can Come True
Playing it safe will bring you nowhere; it is only out of fear and ignorance that people do. In some situations, it may be good to do so. But most successful people will also tell you that you have to take some uneasy risks at times.

And so you have to make a choice, with incontestable belief. You need to give your impossible dreams a ‘go,’ or things will never happen, or even come true. Sometimes you have to take uncalculated risks to have what you want. You need to see it in your mind and work it into your reality.

And yes, life is like the art of drawing without an eraser. But life has lessons that no one teaches you in school. Instead, the education system makes you learn history by memorizing dates or events but never the real lesson.

A Story about Impossible Dreams
In November 1989, I told my mother that I was leaving for an international competition in the USA, but that this time I will not come back. The day after, I left my mother and my grandparents behind me, not knowing what lay ahead. Waving as I went, I saw her cry for me for the first time.

As we landed on the tarmac in New York, I could see, from the window of the plane, the Twin towers standing out in downtown. The horse vaulting competition took place but right after, taking advantage of a window of opportunity, I defected.

Being from the Soviet Union, I did not know anyone in this new country, had no place to stay or even a job to rely on. I only had a city name on a piece of paper and fifty dollars hidden in my pocket. And I did not even speak English. Impossible dreams you say. Yet I felt my gut tell me: hunt your dream!

Taking the Risk
And yes, I guess I was taking a high risk to make things come true, but I had nothing to lose. Instead, I had maybe a lot to gain. I soon took a bus to Atlanta, Georgia, then another one going south of the country. We were a Sunday, 5.30 in the morning, when I arrived at the little Greyhound station in Camden, South Carolina.

Outside in the cold, I said to myself “What should I do now?” So I decided to walk down the long street I was on called ‘Fair Street.’ As I was looking at the houses, my eyes flashed on a big white one, with two columns in front of it.

I felt my intuition telling me “Maybe you should knock at the door and ask for help.” So after a minute of hesitation, following my feelings, I mustered my courage, went to the door and knocked. A girl wearing jeans came down the stairs. I could see her through the small glass windows of the front door where I was standing.

When Things Come True
She did not open the door right away but just asked me what I wanted. I could not speak English, so I got my Russian-English dictionary to find the words I desired to express. After a few minutes, I finally succeeded to make her understand that I wanted a job and a place to live. She seemed not surprised at my request.

Afterwards, the door opened, she let me in the hallway with my suitcase and asked me if I had different clothes to put on. But I could not understand her, so she opened my bag to find a pair of jeans. And when she saw them, she gave them to me saying that I had to wear them.

After changing my clothes, she told me to follow her. She asked me the line of work I was in. I said to her that I worked with horses and was a rider. Her face lit and explained to me that she was a horse farm manager. Suddenly, it all made sense. Impossible dreams do come true! I was at the right place at the right time.

A Life Changing Opportunity
We got in her car and during the ride to the horse farm where she worked; she tried to speak to me but without real success. Finally we arrived at a horse farm called “Sandy Dubose Farm.” It was a very big and beautiful place where horses grew for horse racing.

My new friend named Mary Smith told me to wait. Then she left to talk to the owner to see if she could get me a job. She came back after fifteen minutes later, announcing to me that I was hired as an exercise boy, a morning jockey if you will. My work was to ride and train horses each morning.

The Horse farm owner loved European horse riders and was glad to have me on her team. My impossible dreams had led me to a life-changing opportunity. Yet, there was more to come. Mary told me that after work, we would look for a place to live, and she had a good idea of where.

Impossible Dreams Do Come True
The house where Mary was living in on Fair Street divided into four apartments. She lived on the second floor but there was no room for me as it was too small. But that across the hall from her lived another girl, Bridget. And as she had a two bedrooms apartment, she maybe needed a roommate to share the rent with her.

So we finished my first day at work, the horses being cleaned and fed, we went to another horse farm. It was where the other girl worked. We found her riding. Bridget was a pretty blonde with green eyes. After telling her my story, Mary asked her if she was interested in having a roommate, and she agreed.

And that is how, in a few hours’ time, I got a job and a place to live in the United States. So never give up on your dreams because impossible dreams do come true if you want them hard enough.

You Can Do Anything
People often forget that life gives them countless of possibilities and choices. They are too busy in their day-to-day routine that they lose sight of what they can do if they put their minds to it. Understand that a vegetable seed has no other choice than to become a vegetable. Its fate is locked into that one reality. But you have infinite potential at your disposal. You can do anything you want.

Think any thought you desire.
Change careers.
Learn any language.
Travel to any country.
Learn any craft or skill.
Start any business.
Begin any project.

So, do not be afraid to have impossible dreams others think are unimaginable. Start working towards them. Be crazy in your dreams. Plan when you can. But remember that you have to take risks when you can’t. To discover your true limits and what can come true, you do need to challenge your own beliefs about what is real or not.

An Inward Description of an Individual

It’s of immense value to have a glimpse of a person whose intellectual knowhow and endowment has been felt by different sets of people, of all races, mindsets and religion. He’s a young, energetic, vibrant man, ebony skinned to an extent, who measures about 85kg in weight, and possesses a flexible mindset and smart inter- personal relationship. He has over the years nurtured the idea that life has been fair with smarter and wiser ones. He believes in the words of the great philosopher Abraham Lincoln who said “great men are ordinary men with extra- ordinary determination”. Truly, he upholds this belief and embraces its reality. He affirms that life is about making right choices, living in practice with an identified and chosen philosophy, at the same time, remaining persistent and consistent to that path that defines him in tandem to the dictates of authority of the Supreme Being who created the universe. He’s a born leader, an enthusiast, a perfectionist to the core and a public speaker. His target in life has remained the same but rather interpreted in diverse and clear diversions as he associates with peer associates and networks. He values hard work, loves creative thoughts, mingles deeply with friends who believes in his philosophy and unfriend non- performing networks, strikes to get things done while exploring subtle opportunities, he’s a socialite and above all cares for the well- being of the environment.

Furthermore, life challenging experiences and exposures has taught him lessons and he has learnt to be goal directed, focused and unique, remain dynamic in nature, learn every day, shun distractions and lastly improve on his personal relationship with his Supreme God, the creator of the universe who remains the Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient. To sum it up, he’s ever open to more challenging opportunities and welcomes your quality appraisal of him in all sincerity. it may seem to be a self appraisal, but in all sincerity, it’s not. I believe as Mark Sanborn posited, focussed action beats intelligence. I have set out massive plans of life. Plans bothering on job satisfaction and growth, family, business and entrepreneurial acumen, spiritual growth and improved environmental management consciousness.

I hope to expose this miniature literature on my humble self to kick off the tendency of unquantifiable self-worth and value. I therefore prefer to stay Unshackled! I give special credit to Zuby Ghani for the motivation he offered.